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Penn Plax

Penn-Plax Bird-Life Universal Fit Birdcage Cover – Black Color – Large Size

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    These cage covers provide a private and comfortable place for your pets to feel safe in their own space! They’re designed to create calmness, limit distraction, and offer a world of uninterrupted sleep. Cage covers also reduce noise and stress, thus relieving your feathery friends from anxiety and distress. They’re suitable for universal birdcages, but are also the best for round shaped cages. Please note that they don’t have a hook hole in the top. Designed with convenience in mind, our birdcage covers feature a front panel that uses hook and loop fasteners. This allows you to easily access the cage door without removing the entire cover. There’s no need to wake your little ones with terrible noise as you fiddle with zippers! In addition to neat and tidy seams, our cage covers are made of breathable, machine washable fabric. Please machine was cold. The fabric consists of 80% Polyester and 20% cotton. Overall measurement: 27.75” (L) x 22” (W) x 46” (H). This cover may hang or drape below the bottom of smaller sized birdcages.

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