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Solid Gold Seameal Squeeze Tuna Grain-Free Cat Treat

2-oz, case of 24

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Feeding guides provide a starting point for the amount of food to give your pet each day. We recommend that you keep your pet in ideal body condition and not allow them to become overweight. The amount of food your pet needs can vary based on age, activity level or other food and treats given, so be sure to work with your veterinarian to determine an appropriate weight for your pet, and to make any necessary adjustments to their feeding.

Guaranteed Analysis

SeaMeal Squeezes are easy-to-feed cat treats with fiber-rich seaweed for digestive health and flaxseed for healthy skin and coat. Your cats will go crazy for this delicious burst of creamy, ocean flavor in a delectable tuna mousse served on top of food or directly from the pouch.

Why We Love It

    - Seaweed contains fiber which promotes gut health
    - Seaweed provides antioxidants for immune support
    - Seaweed is a great source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A for eyesight and Vitamin B for healthy blood cells
    - Seaweed contains iodine and tyrosine which supports thyroid function and healthy metabolism
    - Seaweed is a great source of amino acids like glutamate, which is essential for brain health.
  • SEAWEED IS IN OUR DNA: Our founder, Sissy McGill was so confident of the power of seaweed that she created SeaMeal in 1982, a supplement with 5 different types of seaweed, flaxseed and digestive enzymes. For almost 40 years, SeaMeal has provided digestive health, immune health, and skin and coat health to both dogs and cats! Now, we are excited to give the goodness of SeaMeal in a tasty and easy-to-serve pouch that your cat will love.

About Solid Gold

Up to 80% of the immune system is influenced by the gut. That's why Solid Gold Pet carefully crafted recipes cleanse with whole superfoods, balance with 90 million living probiotics, and fuel with high-quality omega fatty acids for gut health and overall immune support.

Fish Broth, Tuna, Tapioca Starch, Dried Seaweed Meal, Yeast Extract, Flaxseed Oil.
Nutrient Guaranteed Units
Crude Protein 9% min
Crude Fat 0.10% min
Crude Fiber 1% max
Moisture 84% max

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