Did you know ?

Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air (called pheromones).

These feline odorless messages are only perceived by other cats. People and dogs are not affected.  

There are 3 kinds of feline messages

Cat feels comfortable

“Happy Messages”

When comfortable and happy, cats mark their territory as familiar by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people, or other cats at home. They leave an odorless message known as a feline facial pheromone. When present in the environment, these "happy messages" provide comfort and security to cats. 

Cat and her kitten

"Harmony Messages"

Mother cats communicate with her kittens through natural messages released into the air. These "harmony messages" are called cat appeasing pheromones. They help maintain social bonds between cats of all ages. 

Cat scratching a sofa

"Territory Messages"

Cats communicate with other cats through natural messages left in their territory. When they scratch an object in their territory they leave "territory messages". This provides a visual message (scratch marks) and the "territory message" says that "this is mine". 


Read below the 5 cats’ essential needs that can be frustrated



We keep our cats indoors for their safety. But if the outside world were safe, cats would love to experience the freedom to roam. 



Cats are cats.They like to do things on their own schedule. But when sharing a space with other pets or visitors, their schedule may be disrupted.



Cats like peace and quiet. Household conveniences, like vacuum cleaners, can easily disrupt their nap time.


4Escape paths

Cats like to survey their domain. When we close doors to keep them out of certain rooms, this can lead to frustration.



Cats are very territorial. They like their familiar, safe and secure area. When we move to a new house the change of environment can be very unsettling for our cats. 

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