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ZippyPaws Adventure Gear Blue Cooling Dog Vest


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    ZippyPaws Cooling Vest is a high-visibility reflective vest designed for the active dog. The bright blue color and reflective stripes help keep dogs visible during hunting season, night-time walks, and in low-light conditions.

    Long-lasting cooling polymer crystals, which are sewn directly into the vest, absorb water and slowly evaporate to help keep dogs cool for up to 9 hours. To activate cooling features, simply soak vest in water for 5 minutes before use. Squeeze out excess water. For maximum cooling, soak in ice water before use. Lay flat to dry, do not wring.

    Comes in 3 sizes:

    -Small: 16 - 24" in girth
    -Medium: 23 - 32" in girth
    -Large: 30 - 40" in girth

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