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Your Dog Is Truly Unique

But we didn't need to tell you that. His bark, wet-nose-nudges, or the way he gets you up in the morning and does the happy dance around his food bowl...He's one of a kind and you love him just the way he is. But what if you could go one level deeper with his uniqueness? What if you could unfold the secrets of his DNA...

Genetic testing can help you to identify breeds and/or specific health issues that may be important to the health and happiness of your dog. You can work with your veterinarian and use your results to come up with a training, nutrition or even long-term healthcare plan.

Collect DNA

Use swabs provided to collect skin cells from the inside of your dog's cheek.

Activate Online

Activate your kit online and get instant access to our Learning Lab to start exploring!

Mail Sample

Use the prepaid shipping container to send your dog's sample back to our lab.

Quality And Accuracy

As the world's leading canine genetics company we've tested more than 850,000 dogs and in that time we've learned a thing or two about accuracy. It's more than just the number of markers you have. It takes a truly comprehensive breed database, a sophisticated algorithm and a very strategically and thoroughly placed, set of markers.

We use Illumina® Infinium® chips created specifically for our tests. These chips are processed and analyzed at GeneSeek Laboratories, the world's largest animal genomics testing facility and the most experienced in canine DNA identification. GeneSeek is ISO 17025 certified, compliant with current AAHA guidelines and accredited by both A2LA and the USDA.



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