Pet Factory

AMERICA'S LEADING MANUFACTURER and Distributor of USA-Made Beefhide Chews, Premium Rawhide Products & Pet Toys


Pet Factory has been the leading manufacturer of USA Made & Sourced rawhide products since 1989, as well as a leader in globally sourced rawhide products.

Pet Factory is one of the few remaining manufacturers in the United States who actually use USA raised cattle hides and manufacture products in the USA. We feel that American Beefhide chews are what demanding pet owners want, and we aim to provide the highest quality: thicker and longer lasting chews.

Please keep in mind while you visit our site that we provide a variety of quality rawhide chews to appeal to a wide range of consumers. While Pet Factory is known for our “Blue Bag” 100% USA made Beef-hide product line, we also offer a premium line of specialty rawhide chews as well as specialty pet toys and accessories.


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