Purina SecondNature

Do you want to housetrain your puppy or adult dog? SecondNature® dog litter can provide you and your dog with peace of mind. SecondNature provides highly absorbent, non-toxic, paper-based pellets for your dog litter needs. This litter is odor controlling, non-tracking, non-staining, and stress reducing for your small dogs.



  • ✔ Peace of mind for you and your dog
  • ✔ Absorbent paper-based pellets with odor control
  • ✔ For dogs up to 35 lbs. puppy through adult
  • ✔ Specially designed for dog elimination

Usage and Maintenance:

    • secondnature litter should cover the entire bottom of the pan
    • Soiled litter should be removed and an equivalent amount should be added to replace it
    • The entire litter box should be changed and cleaned with a mild soap solution as needed or at least bi-monthly
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