About Richell USA Inc.

Richell USA is a distributor of quality Home and Pet Products designed by Richell Corporation in Japan.

Since Richell USA’s founding in 2001, its leadership has been instrumental in developing innovative Houseware and Pet Products, industry leading design and quality standards, and excellent customer service and satisfaction. 

Each Richell product is designed and manufactured to fully display our excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  This has enabled Richell to earn the "Editor's Choice Award" on many of our product designs for four consecutive years.  

Richell USA's corporate office is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, just minutes from the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers stadiums.  All Richell employees are full-time office staff members ready to satisfy each customer’s requests Monday through Friday.  Our parent company and Home and Pet Products Manufacturer, Richell Corporation, is located in Toyama, Japan.

Richell Products - Making Life More Enjoyable

Richell USA's products are all about function and style.

Each Richell product is designed with a specific purpose in mind.  By combining elements of safety, comfort and mobility, Richell’s products provide perfect solutions for busy families . . . and pets too!

Our wooden pet gates, for example, are beautifully crafted from high quality, highly durable and eco-friendly woods, so each gate complements home interiors beautifully, just like furniture!  Yet each gate safely confines your pet to his/her own "special" area in the home.  Some of our dog crates double as furniture -for the ultimate pet furniture functionality.  


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