Emerald Pet

Treats for your Canine and Feline Companions 

Simple Treats ; Simply delicious!


  • Made and sourced in the USA
  • Specializing in limited ingredient formulations
  • Formulated for picky eaters
  • All natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Exclusive to Pet Specialty stores



    Emerald Pet treats and chews are a premium line of healthy, all natural pet treats formulated for optimal health and wellness right here in the USA. Family owned and operated ensures we provide you with the same high quality and standards we follow for our own pets!



    All Natural Lasting Dog Chews are an all-natural, grain free, lasting chew make with limited ingredients. Non-staining without odors makes these treats an ideal solution for rewarding your dog inside and out.


    Twizzies bits

    All Natural Lasting Dog Chews are available in convenient lengths in the same formulas as the Twizzies.


    Little Chewzzies

    Chewy & moist, our natural Little Chewzzies treats are the perfect solution for rewarding both small and large dogs. These chewy treats can be easily split into bite size pieces for small dogs or left whole for larger breeds. Real meat or real peanut butter is the first ingredient. No artificial ingredients, colors or flavors and naturally preserved. Little Chewzzies are wheat free, corn free, dairy free and soy free.


    Little Duckies

    Ideal for rewarding and training. With duck as the only meat protein, they are perfect for picky dogs and dogs with allergen sensitivities. Real US farm-raised duck combined with real fruits and vegetables. Made for dogs with common food allergens like wheat, corn, dairy and soy. Little Duckies are a baked, highly palatable crunchy treat with no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors and natural preserved.


    Canine Dental Treats

    Treats designed to promote dental health—but that’s not all! These treats also promote fresh breath. They’re the first of their kind offering dental benefits plus additional health promoting attributes for overall pet wellness and continuing oral care. They are rich in antioxidants, easily digestible, and made with real parsley, mint and dill.


    Feline Dental Treats

    All-natural, crunchy way to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy.  Promotes clean teeth and fresh breath. Feline Dental treats help reduce plaque and tartar build up through abrasive chewing action. They are less than 2 calories per treat and limited ingredient, all natural formulas with no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. Naturally preserved.




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