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Penn-Plax Cascade Max Flow Aquarium Canister Filter

SKU: 2021121 UPC: 030172101267

PENN-PLAX presents the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter. Without effort, this canister filter runs at a stunning 820 Gallons per Hour, and is purposely designed for larger aquariums, ranging from 164 to 273 gallons. Though, optimal size is 205 gallons. It’s compatible for both freshwater and saltwater setups, and is great for turtle habitats! Those little guys sure poop a lot, and everything they touch becomes completely dirty! With this monstrous filter, you don’t have to worry about all that! On the other hand, it’s typical for aquarists to either incorporate multiple filters in their setup, or spend the time and money to customize according to their needs. Coming in to handle a heavy workload, the Cascade Max Flow can meet various needs, and very well go beyond! Easy Way to Get a Dirty Job Done: We all know that maintenance on a canister filter can get messy, and honestly, a bit frustrating at times. As for the Cascade Max Flow, there’s no need to unscrew tubes! Simply release the value base from the filter’s top! Maintenance made easy! Cool and Unique Features: In addition to a simple and intuitive set up, the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter is self-priming, and features durable and secure non-slip pads. The two 360° independent valve taps rotate fully, allowing the included large diameter tubes to handle a steady and powerful water flow. Flow rate can be adjusted by the top’s handle. Convenient, Customizable, and Colossal: Inside the belly of this beast, there are 4 large stackable media baskets / trays, with built-in handles for utmost convenience of handling. While the Cascade Max Flow Canister Filter comes with Bio-Floss Pads and a coarse Bio-Sponge, you can place additional filter media inside to best meet your aquarium’s demands. That’s One Big Filter: Overall measurements are 16.6” (W) x 15” (D) x 23.6” (H). Shop PENN-PLAX for All Your Pet’s Needs: PENN-PLAX is a manufacturer and distributor of top quality pet supplies, who specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals, both great and small.

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