ThunderWorks’ founder, Phil Blizzard, had a dog named Dosi who was extremely frightened by thunderstorms and fireworks. Wanting to comfort Dosi (and get more sleep), Phil did what most families do and consulted with veterinarians and dog trainers. Unfortunately, no one had a good solution. So, for many years Dosi (and her family) had to suffer though thunderstorms and Fourth of July fireworks. 

One day, a friend of the family recommended trying a snug wrap, like swaddling an infant. It sounded far-fetched, but nothing else had worked and it certainly couldn’t hurt to try. During one bad storm, they wrestled Dosi into an old t-shirt and used packing tape to create mild pressure. They were amazed – Dosi calmed almost instantly and laid down for the duration of the storm! ThunderShirt evolved from there, and has helped calm millions of dogs and cats around the world.


Already Calming Millions of Dogs Around the World
Like Swaddling an Infant, Applies Gentle, Calming Pressure
Over 80% Success Rate
Great for Fireworks, Storms, Separation Anxiety, Travel & Much More
Drug-Free & Veterinarian Recommended
No Training Required
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