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Happy Dog of Cape Cod

Happy Dog of Cape Cod Premium All Natural Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews


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    Feeding guides provide a starting point for the amount of food to give your pet each day. We recommend that you keep your pet in ideal body condition and not allow them to become overweight. The amount of food your pet needs can vary based on age, activity level or other food and treats given, so be sure to work with your veterinarian to determine an appropriate weight for your pet, and to make any necessary adjustments to their feeding.

    All our antler chews are all-natural as they come from free range Elk that are never given any steroids, unnecessary antibiotics or other growth promoting chemicals. Natural Elk Antler chews are much longer lasting than rawhide or synthetic chew toys, and even longer than raw bones. This is due to their high calcium content of these bone-like natural growths. They are a great way to promote healthy chewing for dogs!

    These ELK Antlers are all FRESH!! ALL the ELK Antlers we sell have been collected in the first year

    Product Features:
    * Made in the USA!!!
    * Odorless and mess-free, all-natural dog chew
    * Naturally shed free range Antlers do not chip or splinter like bones
    * No elk have been harmed for their antlers
    * American elk ONLY!!!! –free range from Montana

    X-Small (3-6") Small (3-7") Medium (3-9") Large (4-9") Jumbo (5-12") Extra Large (7-13"). Sizing will vary, as this is an all natural product. Always use caution when first offering your dog an antler treat. Supervise their activity so they do not attempt to swallow or break the antler.

    Antlers are a natural product and vary greatly in diameter and density depending on where in the rack they come from. Please note that this product is sized by weight and the length can vary.
    100% free range elk antlers

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