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Neater Pet Brands Polar Bowl

Medium Polar Bowl

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Polar Bowl - The Freezer Bowl that Keeps your Pet's Water Cold for Hours! Features & Benefits:
Double walled stainless steel freezer bowl
Put it in the freezer & upon removal the gel core will keep your pets water cold for hours.
This means your pet can enjoy fresh, cool water inside or out without ice cubes that can melt in just minutes
Colder water is actually healthier for your pets, because it encourages proper hydration. The Polar Bowl can be used by itself or with your Neater Feeder.

The Small Polar Bowl fits into the Neater Feeder Express or Deluxe for Cats & Small Dogs

The Medium Polar Bowl fits into the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Medium Dogs

The Large Polar Bowl fits into the Neater Feeder Express for Medium to Large Dogs and the Neater Feeder Deluxe for Large Dogs.

• Small: 5.5" Diameter, 2.5" Tall with 14 oz capacity
• Med: 6.5" Diameter, 2.5" Tall, with 28 oz capacity
• Large: 8.25" Diameter, 3.75" Tall with 58 oz capacity

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