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Penn-Plax Wizard Scraper & Scrubber


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Wizard Aquarium Scraper & Scrubber Combo Kit Using the provided extensions, our tool expands to 27” (Length), keeping your hands dry while still reaching all the hard-to-get spots in your aquarium. The Stainless Steel Scraper cleans off the heavy algae and mineral deposits, while the Sponge Scrubber cleans off new algae growth. Our Combo Kit includes a handle, main body pole, 2 pole extensions, 1 Stainless Steel Scraper Head, and 1 Sponge Scrubber head.

Why We Love It

  • The Penn-Plax Wizard Aquarium Scraper & Scrubber Combo Kit is a must-have for modern tanks, and is great for both including freshwater and saltwater setups.
  • Our kit helps remove algae and mineral deposits from the walls of your tank.
  • FLOATS ON WATER: Those who have larger aquariums understand the struggle when dropping an aquarium cleaning tool, and having to get a whole arm wet just to retrieve it. Well, worry no more! All components of the Wizard Aquarium Scraper & Scrubber Combo Kit float on water!

About Penn-Plax

Penn Plax is a manufacturer of top aquatic supplies and decor. We specialize in creating excellent pet products for animals both great and small.


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