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Penn Plax

Penn Plax Starter Kit Scalloped Bird Cage - Medium/White

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    The Penn Plax Cockatiel Bird Cage Starter Kit is an easy and economical way to prepare for your new pet. The bird cage has an attractive scalloped top design and offers a large front door, easy to clean pull out tray, and food and water dishes.

  • To promote healthy feet and encourage exercise, the bird cage has 2 wooden perches, 1 cement perch, and a swing.
  • This cockatiel starter kit includes a cuttlebone to help keep your bird’s beak trimmed while providing calcium for bone and feather growth.
  • It is also enclosed a flavored mineral treat that your new bird will love and a colorful kabob toy that offers a place to peck and play.
  • This metal cockatiel bird cage measures 27. 2 inches high by 18. 2 wide by 14 deep and is suitable for small birds such as cockatiels, parrots, lovebirds and more.
  • Depending on their size and breed, cage can hold multiple birds. Light assembly is required and bird is not included.
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