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Kaytee Natural Snack with Superfoods Carrot & Apple Carrot and Apple Blend 2.5 Ounces

2.5 Ounces

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    Feeding guides provide a starting point for the amount of food to give your pet each day. We recommend that you keep your pet in ideal body condition and not allow them to become overweight. The amount of food your pet needs can vary based on age, activity level or other food and treats given, so be sure to work with your veterinarian to determine an appropriate weight for your pet, and to make any necessary adjustments to their feeding.


    Kaytee Natural Snack With Superfoods Carrot & Apple adds a nutritious and flavorful boost to your pet’s diet. Made with wholesome, natural ingredients, Kaytee Natural Snack With Superfoods are a fun way to add healthy and tasty enrichment to your small pet’s diet. This guilt-free snack contains no fillers, artificial preservatives, or colors. Serve as a stand-alone treat or as a topper to your pet’s favorite pellet or hay. Ideal for guinea pigs, adult pet rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals.

    Dehydrated Carrots, Dehydrated Apples

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