Milo's Kitchen
We are pet parents, too.
That's why all our home-style dog treats are 100% real and produced in the USA.
Our dogs share our lives. Those first eager greetings in the morning. That last curl-up-and-cuddle at the end of the day. Our dogs aren't just the four-legged members of our family. They're family.
So don't they deserve a treat that lives up to the high standards we set for the rest of our loved ones?
That's why we created Milo's Kitchen® dog treats. Because in our kitchen, our dogs deserve only the best. That means treats with 100% real chicken, beef, duck or sweet potato as the #1 ingredient. Each one made totally free of artificial flavors or colors and each one produced right here in the USA. We believe they deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want for your food.
Snacks that not only look like jerky, sausage slices and meatballs, but actually are 100% real jerky, sausage slices and meatballs. Nothing says "I love you" more than something made with love and care.
Because, after all, our dogs are family. And they deserve to be treated like family.


All of our high-quality treats are produced in the USA. We source 100% of our beef, chicken, duck, and sweet potato domestically, which allows us to ensure the highest standards of oversight and regular monitoring.

All major ingredients, including meats, proteins, grains and vegetables, come from the USA. Although, we source a limited amount of minor ingredients, such as preservatives, from other countries due to limited availability in the U.S or to U.S. suppliers, we do not source any of our ingredients from China.



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