Tiki Cat





Say Aloha to REAL Food

Finally, a food worthy of your pet. Tiki Pets™ makes bold, authentic food with real, whole ingredients for cats and dogs who appreciate the good stuff. Packed with nutrients and flavor, it’s the definition of healthy indulgence. 

The Proof is in the Purr (or Wag)

One bite of Tiki Pets™. That’s all it takes for the bliss to set in. Purring, tail wagging, perhaps drooling…the exhilaration comes in many forms. But they all say one thing: Mahalo (thanks).

 Nutrition that’s not shy.

Tiki Pets™ foods are designed with the highest standards in nutrition to keep pets
in optimal health, and you can see it in every bowl.


Tiki Pets™ foods mimic the natural prey diets of dogs and cats to give them exactly what their bodies need. That means high protein, high moisture, low carbs, no grains or fillers, and none of that artificial stuff.


Take a look. Those are whole, identifiable ingredients that don’t hide. Meat is always in the spotlight, and ultra-nutritious superfoods like pumpkin and kale make regular appearances.


Boring has no place in their bowls. Ahi tuna, 
chicken liver, lamb, pork…so many amazing flavors to excite your pet. Because, a) they deserve it, 
and b) a finished meal means they got all the nutrients they need.

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