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Catit Pixi Elevated Feeding Dish

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    In addition to their elegant feline look and glossy finish, the Catit PIXI Feeding Dishes have a shallow, whisker-friendly design that allows your cat to enjoy their meals to the fullest. Many cat feeding dishes in stores today were originally designed for dogs. Such bowls are much too deep for cats, causing your feline’s sensitive whiskers to repeatedly brush against the feeding bowl while eating. This phenomenon irritates cats and is often referred to as whisker stress or whisker fatigue.

    Catit PIXI feeding dishes are specifically designed to prevent the friction and bending of your cat’s whiskers. Catit dishes are comfortably shallow, yet have a capacity of 6.83 fl oz (200 ml) per dish. This means they can hold more than enough food to nourish your cat while allowing them to enjoy a stress-free meal!

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