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Kaytee Clean & Cozy Confetti Bedding White Paper Bedding with Colored Confetti Paper 24.6 liters

24.6 liters

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    Kaytee® Clean & Cozy™ Confetti Bedding is the first enrichment bedding on the market. That's because the confetti pieces aren't just for show; they're specifically designed to provide a mentally stimulating habitat. Small pets like rabbits are so smart and curious they need mental stimulation to stay happy and well-behaved. Your small furry friend will love unraveling the colorful confetti pieces and burrowing deep into the super-soft paper.

    The fun confetti pieces are just the beginning of what makes this bedding stand out. Kaytee® Clean & Cozy™ Confetti Bedding is made from super soft, premium paper. In contrast, many products use an inferior paper by-product known as "sludge." Because we use paper that doesn't contain harmful chemicals or by-products, you can rest easy knowing your pet will be both cozy and safe. It's paper you would feel comfortable using, so you'll feel comfortable letting your pet nest and burrow in it too.

    Using high-quality paper means our Confetti bedding is highly absorbent — it absorbs six times its weight in liquid and expands to three times its size. Plus, it's easy to scoop and discard. Absorbent bedding gives you peace of mind knowing your pet won't develop respiratory issues from a smelly habitat. Instead, your pet will sleep soundly in comfy bedding that's 99.9% dust free. And our premium, super-absorbent bedding is odor-control guaranteed.

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