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Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer 4 GM

4 GM Packet x 3

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    Merck Animal Health Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer is for the treatment and control of Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms and Taenia Tapeworms in dogs. Safe-Guard Canine is the only over-the-counter pet dewormer for dogs that treats all 4 major intestinal parasites in dogs using only one drug compound, fenbendazole, minimizing your dog's chemical exposure. The daily dose for Safe-Guard Canine is 50 mg/kg (22.7 mg/lb) of body weight. Safe-Guard (fenbendazole) Canine is safe even for puppies 6 weeks and older and pregnant female dogs. It has no known drug interactions, so it should be compatible with other medications your dog might be taking. Mix the daily dose of dog wormer with a small amount of your dog's usual food. Your dog should eat all of the medicated food. If feeding dry dog food, it may need to be moistened to aid mixing. Repeat for 3 days in a row.

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