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 This food is designed for the sporting dog that is active more days than not. Examples would be a dog that hunts or jogs every day with their owner, herding dogs, police dogs, and so on. How do these diets differ from the Casual diet? The Active formulas are built to allow for maximum digestion, even though the dog is really active. This is where many foods fail, as they aren’t formulated to account for the differences in digestion once a dog becomes more active versus the casual dog diet. Protein types, protein levels, fat types, fat levels and fiber sources all have a bearing in the construction of Dr. Tim’s Active Formulas to maximize your dog’ performance and recovery.


This is a diet intended for the cat or dog that has a normal lifestyle; sleeping on the couch, running around the back yard, car rides, walks, hikes, and living the good life. Maybe the most exercise they get is tail wagging when they see you at the end of the day, or making sure you know you’re being ignored, in the case of cats. 

Extreme Athlete:

 This dog is serious about working nearly every day, and for long periods of the day such as sled dogs and dogs that hunting most days of the season. These foods are our highest fat, highest protein, low carb formulas, which also have the highest levels of essential Omega 3 fatty acids and are loaded with antioxidants. They’re formulated to work with the hardest performing dogs while helping to prevent different stress induced health issues. Performance, endurance and recovery are all greatly aided by these diets.

Weight Management:

This diet is intended for the dog that put on some extra weight, and our formulation works based on several principles. High protein allows a dog to feel and be more active, and moderate fat allows the dog to feel sated, or full, after eating; fat makes a dog feel full. Many diet foods fail in that they are much too restricted in the fat department in order to reduce the overall calories in the diet. This always leads to a dog begging and nearly always leads to the owner giving in and providing extra food or a snack, which of course lead to no weight loss. Our diet is built to keep the dog feeling full and the owner sticking to the weight loss plan. The essential Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant profile help to reduce some of the inflammatory stresses that are more prevalent in an overweight dog, too. Lastly, the fiber composition and amount help to keep the dog feeling full. 



About Dr. Tim's Foods

We design our foods to match the lifestyle of your pet. What does that mean? It means the foods are put together to properly meet the metabolic needs of the animal, and also looks at what the dog (or cat) does most of the time; that is, what’s their primary job in life? For instance, if they’re active, we increase the protein, amount and types of fat, and weave in a specific fiber composition to achieve maximum performance and recovery. If they enjoy a more casual lifestyle, we bring down the total levels of fat and protein, tweak the other ingredients and make sure all the bases are covered to ensure your pet is being fed, and eating, like nature intended their bodies to be fueled. We are activity driven, not market driven. To us, trying to fit foods that aren’t designed for a certain lifestyle is like attempting to fit a round peg into a square hole, or wearing stilettos while operating a jackhammer; it just doesn’t work and it just doesn’t feel good.

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