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Our natural nutrition provides the benefits of better digestion, more energy, and delicious taste and texture.



All Grandma Lucy's products are minimally processed, retaining the cell structure of our ingredints without compromising vitamins, nutrients, color or aroma.


Our gentle freeze-drying process removes 92% of the water contained in our ingredients, leaving a food that is lightweight, compact, shelf-stable and preservative-free.



All our food formulas are grain-free, which are great for pets with food sensitivities. Grandma Lucy's provides natural nutrients, just as Mother Nature intended.



We use natural, whole ingredients in all of our foods and treats, no meat meals or by-products. This ensures that every bite your pet takes is full of whole food nutrition.



We remain committed to using the highest quality, USDA inspected and approved ingredients from trusted suppliers and farms. We started Grandma Lucy's due to the inferior ingredient that were and are used in processed pet foods. Grandma Lucy's requires all of our suppliers to sign a Vendor Promise stating that the ingredients are processed in a human facility, the country of origin, are free of chemicals and preservatives, each batch is tested for salmonella, lead, e-coli, mercury, arsenic, coliform, and melamine in accordance with human food standards.


Our gentle freeze-drying process removes 92% of the water contained in our ingredients, leaving a food that is lightweight, compact, shelf-stable and preservative-free. Freeze-drying, as compared to other drying processes such as dehydrating or air drying, is used at Grandma Lucy's because it is better at retaining the characteristics of the raw food. It is well known that the process retains more flavor components and results in reconstituted textures that most closely approximate the original meats and vegetables.



Once the raw ingredients arrive in our Rancho Santa Margarita, California facility, expert care is applied to create any one of Grandma Lucy's unique and healthy recipes. Skilled staff inspect all incoming and outgoing products for quality assurance. Our kitchen then carefully cuts and prepares the meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables for each formula. The foundation of our outstanding food rests in the whole food ingredients. We do not use any meals or by-products, only ingredients with names you can pronounce. This ensures that every bite is whole food nutrition.



Careful attention is given to our mixing and blending process. All ingredients are hand-sorted, measured, and inspected before being placed in our custom tumblers. These umblers allow the whole ingredients to mix evenly without damage. The larger pieces of meat, poultry and fish are added at the end of this process as an extra special treat.



We test our products prior to shipping for Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae, as required for our USDA inspections. Prior to the raw ingredients being received into our facility, we also receive results from our suppliers who test for various other components, such as staphylococci, coliforms, E. Coli, mold, and yeast. This double testing process allows us to monitor and check the quality and safety each step of the way, from farm to final packaging.



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