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About Us 

At JW Pet we are the passionate thinkers of the pet industry. We pride ourselves on our innovations and our ingenious thinking. And all of that thinking is designed to improve the lives of pets and pet parents. When we started JW Pet in 1998 we dedicated ourselves to find new ways and new ideas to help pets.

At JW Pet, our products and ideas are 100% home-grown. We do our own inventing, designing and creating within the four walls of our facility in Teterboro, New Jersey. We wouldn’t think of out-sourcing ideas, adding someone else’s or combining our ideas with someone else’s. We pride ourselves on being self-sustaining, self-grown and self-guided. Today we hold over 125 patents for the pet-focused ideas we have brought to life.

At JW Pet we don’t just think about pet products, we live with pets in own offices every day. Visitors shouldn’t be, but are surprised to find the halls of our offices lined with fish tanks, as well as a pet pavilion stocked with birds, fish and hamsters.

We donate regularly to various local animal shelters as well as support a number of national animal assistance programs. We donate product to adoption events across the country and we also contribute yearly to the IAADP, International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.


Here’s what makes our ideas intelligent

The product designers and engineers at JW Pet, combined with a staff of pet experts, bring decades of pet knowledge and experience to each and every product they produce. JW's staff focuses attention to each product's details as well as the needs of each pet species and pet parents.

The Design capabilities at JW are tremendous. With the use of specialized high- tech equipment – like a 3-D printer – the staff has the ability to bring their creativity, experience and engineering capabilities together to create amazing products.

The JW team identifies areas where products can improve the lives of pets and pet parents. Then we work to come up with a solution that is more effective than anything else currently on the market. The unique technical, design and engineering talent we have on staff, combined with the deep knowledge of the various pet species, gives JW Pet the resources to produce products that elevate the state of the market. The end result: improving the lives of pets and pet parents.

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