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As pet owners ourselves, the Loving Pets® family values the importance of safe, healthy and affordable pet products. That’s why our dog and cat treats are made with only all-natural, high quality ingredients – and are designed with your pet’s health in mind. Our dog bowls, cat dishes, slow feeders, and other pet accessories are always manufactured using the finest materials. You can feel confident that when you buy Loving Pets products, you are getting the best.

In 2007, when treat safety became a major concern of the entire pet industry, we responded by launching our Tested in the USA Quality Assurance program. Since then, Loving Pets treats are TESTED BY AN INDEPENDENT, USA LAB. Now, every batch of our treats baring our “Tested in the USA Seal” has its complete results posted within the Quality Assurance section of our website.

In 2010, to further ensure the quality and safety of our pet treats, Loving Pets began to focus on creating Made in the USA and Sourced in the USA dog and cat treats. When we make Barksters®  and It’s Purely Natural® dog treats, as well as two varieties of our It’s Purely Natural™ cat treats, we hand-select only the healthiest, all-natural USA farm-raised ingredients. As a result, Loving Pets has proven that Made in the USA pet treats can be affordable, healthy and available to any pet parent.

As America’s best-selling stainless steel pet feeding bowls, Loving Pets’ Bella Bowls® continue to provide innovation, quality and affordability in stylish and functional options to fit any home décor.  Since their launch in 2005, patented Bella Bowls are now available in 4 convenient sizes and an expanding array of stylish designs, colors and patterns.  Pet parents love them because they are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and naturally bacteria resistant.

As a growing part of the pet industry, not only do we believe our products should support a healthy pet lifestyle, but we work hard to educate pet owners to do the same. With the mission of making life better for pets and the people that love them, Loving Pets proudly supports the global pet community by donating to pet shelters, rescues and pet-related causes that make a difference.

At Loving Pets, we believe in supporting our pet community, both across the U.S. and around the world. Loving Pets is actively engaged in helping communities become better places to live, for pets and people alike by supporting philanthropic projects and organizations dedicated to improving animal welfare and increasing the bond between human and pet. Read more about how Loving Pets gives back, and our commitment to pet related causes.
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