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Penn-Plax Reptology Tortoise Palace with Wire Top

SKU: 1468453 UPC: 030172073472

Reptology presents the Tortoise Palace by Penn-Plax. Our enclosure features a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with existing home décor, thus providing a solution for those looking to keep their tortoise inside the house without worrying about interior design. Safe For Tortoises: To discourage your pet from bumping into a glass wall and hurting themselves, the front display features a windowsill design that indicates to them that there is an object there, discouraging that type of behavior. The glass display allows your tortoise to enjoy the warm and comforting atmosphere of your house, while looking around their environment, and providing a pleasurable viewing experience you and them. Innovative Design: Although it looks like extra storage space, the side compartment is a sleeping area or hideaway for your pet. While the main display uses a wire top, the side compartment has a separate, lockable top. Adjustable Back Mount: The Reptology Tortoise Palace also features an adjustable mount for basking lights or heat lamps. With this mount, it’s extremely easy to regulate your pet’s temperature needs. Please Note: Basking Light / Heat Lamp not included. Measurements: 12” (H) x 48” (W) x 30” (L)

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