Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild Dog Food is one of our most unique dog foods. Taste of the Wild Dog Food has created the perfect mix of taste and nutrition. Recognizing that all pet dogs are still ancestors of wild dogs, Taste of the Wild Dog Food tastes as if your dog hunted for its food. However, Taste of the Wild also recognizes that your dog needs vitamins and minerals to allow them to live a full, healthy life. This is why Taste of the Wild, also focuses on making sure their food has only the highest nutritional value. With a strong focus on taste and health, it is no wonder why Taste of the Wild Dog Food is one of the best dog foods in the industry. Shop through our full selection of Taste of the Wild Dog Food today!

Taste of the Wild is—and always has been—owned and operated by one family. As pet owners, the founders of our company saw opportunity for a high-quality, yet affordable pet food option. They knew there had to be a better way. So, they created it. Inspired by the idea that no one knows what dogs and cats should eat better than their own DNA, they created Taste of the Wild: the complete nutrition nature intended for your dog or cat, in flavors their inner wolf or mountain lion would crave, at prices you can afford.

Today, Taste of the Wild is one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the world. But we still hold true to the notion that started it all: every pet deserves the best nutrition and every pet owner deserves a fair value.

We don’t make anything we wouldn’t feed to our own pets. It’s the standard to which all Taste of the Wild products are held, and we’re happy to share it with you and your family. Welcome to the pack.