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About Hero Pet Brands

Meet the Pet Care Experts

For more than 30 years, the Hero Pet Brands family has helped pet parents be heroes to their pets. From grooming and nutrition to waste pickup and cleanup, we remove the challenges and stress for you and your furry companions. We are determined to create new solutions and improve our proprietary formulas. Our dedication to industry-leading science means innovative and safe products that are good for your pet, your home, and our planet.

The Hero Pet Brands family has built a strong following of fans who are drawn to our simple, yet highly-effective solutions. Nothing makes us happier than to hear from those who use our products, finding them helpful and convenient.

Empowering You

We realize that your pet has an important place in your life and family. For some, your pet is your life and only top of the line will do. Maybe your pet is older or has a health condition and it’s incredibly important that you be choosy about what goes in and on your pet. Or perhaps while you love having your pet around, you just want to keep it simple.

We at Hero Pet Brands believe that having a pet is a joy that everyone should experience. Our brand family serves pet parents of all kinds. Whether you are a discerning, convenience-driven, cost-conscious, trendsetting, or conscientious pet parent, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of pet products that ease the day-to-day necessities of a responsible pet owner… and help enhance your joy of life with your furry friend. Whether you need dietary supplements, shampoo, bags, leashes, stain removal, diapers or flea and tick solutions, the Hero Pet Brands family of products makes it easy to be a good pet parent:

Internal and external pet health matters. For pet parents who research the best products and are selective about what they put in and on their furry family members, Vet’s Best is a veterinarian-recommended brand that is committed to using safe, naturally-derived ingredients.

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