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Formulas Fit for Every Pet

Formulas Fit for Every Pet

Caring for your pets is all that matters

They’re members of your family, your best friends, your faithful companions. 4health® stands behind your love and dedication with proven nutrition and smart value.

And behind the 4health brand – stands all of us

4health Premium Dog and Cat Food are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet! 4health formulas are specifically designed to provide nutrition for optimal health for dogs and cats.

Plus, they include protein and fat levels selected to help your pet maintain a healthy, lean body condition.


At 4health®, we proudly offer specialized varieties of food that have four things in common. It is our 4health promise to you, and to your pet, that their food will always include real meat, whole vegetables, no fillers and essential nutrition.


Our formulas are made with real meat. Rich proteins such as lamb, chicken, salmon and beef ensure great taste, with fat and protein levels selected with the balanced health of your pet in mind.


Pets, just like people, can eat a wide variety of foods other than meat. That’s why we include vegetables that have carbohydrates for energy plus minerals and fiber.


Every bag of 4health contains select ingredients and has undergone rigorous quality-control processes.


Omega fatty acids for skin and
coat; Taurine for heart function, calmness and healthy sleep; antioxidants for
overall good health; and species-specific probiotics for digestive support.

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To pet owners, 4health® goes beyond nutrition and quality. They feel confident and assured in their choice, knowing that they are giving their pets more of what they need to stay healthy, happy and active. At a price they can feel good about.

“It has better ingredients than household big-name brands and my four babies love it! Gives me peace of mind knowing they are getting a better quality food that doesn’t break the bank!”

Over 20,000 5-star reviews!