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ABOUT Premium ACANA™ Pet Food

Our mission is to earn pet lover trust every day so pets thrive for a lifetime. That’s why we seek out healthy ingredients delivered daily by suppliers we trust, and strive to lead the way when it comes to safety and quality standards. Our vets and pet nutrition experts carefully craft each recipe with the right ingredients to help support long-term health, and our complete and balanced recipes are crafted with ingredients you know and love, to match your pet’s natural nutritional needs.

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With animal protein-rich recipes balanced with nutritious vegetables and fruit, and wholesome grain-inclusive options, premium ACANA dog food provides the animal ingredients and nutrition your dog needs. Explore recipes tailored to different breed sizes, life stages, and dietary needs in premium ACANA dog food recipes.

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Premium ACANA cat food includes the protein-rich animal ingredients your cat needs to satisfy their cravings and meet their nutritional needs. Explore life stage recipes, as well as unique recipes tailored to your cat’s protein preferences and lifestyle needs, including a recipe that helps control hairballs.

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