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Get to Know Your Pet Reptile!


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The Importance of UVB

Providing your reptile with a source of UVB lighting is vital to their overall health and happiness. UVB is part of the sun’s natural light spectrum. Reptiles require UVB lighting to keep them healthy, as it helps them to absorb calcium and synthesize vitamin D3. Without a source of UVB lighting, your reptile can become susceptible to metabolic bone

Different Heat and Humidity Levels

Depending on the type of reptile you have, they will need different levels
of heat and humidity.

Tropical Series Icon

Tropical Series

Cool things down! They like lower temperatures
& higher humidity levels.

Desert Species Icon

Desert Species

Hot, hot, hot! Be ready to give them higher temperatures & lower humidity levels.

The Right UVB for Your Reptile

Zone 1: Icon

Zone 1:

Shade/Partial Shade

  • Crested Gecko

  • Corn Snake
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Pacman Frog

Zone 2: Icon

Zone 2:

Shade/Partial Shade

  • Green Anole

  • Ball Python
  • Skinks
  • King Snake

Zone 3: Icon

Zone 3:

Mostly Full Sun

  • Veiled Chameleon

  • Hermann's Tortoise
  • Russian Tortoise

Zone 4: Icon

Zone 4:

Midday Baskers

  • Bearded Dragon

  • Uromastyx

Knowing what your reptile needs is key to providing a healthy environment for them.