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Fueling Extraordinary Athletes

Bringing out the performance of your athlete means fueling it with the requirements that meet their exact needs. Eukanuba™ helps activate the power that’s ready and waiting inside every dog so they push harder, go further and achieve peak performance.

The Eukanuba Advantage

Since 1969, Eukanuba has been committed to providing high-quality nutrition that fuels the potential in every dog.


Science-backed product design driven entirely by dogs’ physical and mental needs (not trends).


Backed by 50 years of research, innovation and partnerships, our tailored formulas are designed to help active dogs live and perform at their peak.


Deep understanding of dogs’ nutritional requirements and their impact on health and performance.

Dedicated To Healthy, Active Lives

Eukanuba is dedicated to creating scientifically formulated, premium nutrition that helps unlock the power and potential of sporting, working, service and companion dogs.