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Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Bone Dispenser & Cornstarch Dog Waste Bags

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    This fun; bone-shaped waste bag dispenser from Arm & Hammer® is a must-have for when you are walking your dog. They are a convenient way to clean up pet waste. The dispenser includes waste bags made from 40% cornstarch. These quick-load pet waste bags control odor naturally with the freshening power of baking soda. The bone dispenser easily attaches to any leash; bag; or belt loop. Other uses include baby diapers; traveling; wet bathing suits; or other convenient uses. INSTRUCTIONS: To use the bag simply pull the bag end through the dispenser opening. Tear the bag at the perforation and place your hand in the bag. Pick up waste and turn the bag inside out. Tie the bag and dispose of it. To load or refill the dispenser simply twist off the end cap of the dispenser. Remove empty roll. Insert refill roll and replace cap.

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