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Chuckit! Rebounce Fetch Ball Dog Toy


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    The environmentally-friendly Chuckit!® Rebounce Fetch Ball is made of natural recycled rubber that is durable and long-lasting. Designed to fit a medium Chuckit! Launcher so you can use a bouncy Rebounce Ball to exercise your friend and encourages pets to leap and chase. Easy to clean after a fun-filled day of fetch with your pet. Durable for long-term use and is dirt and slobber resistant. Bright blue or orange colors give increased visibility and help to prevent the ball from getting lost. Ships in a variety of random fun colors. PRODUCT NOTE: Supervise your dog during playtime; and remove the toy from your dog if it becomes damaged or parts become separated. No dog toy is indestructible; and every dog interacts with its toys differently. Supervised play will go a long way to helping your dog's toys last longer.

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