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Espree Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs 12 Ounce


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      Espree Flea & Tick Spray is a Ready- To-Use water Based Formula. Kills Fleas and Ticks on Contact on Dogs. Will Keep on Killing For Up To 14 Days on Dogs. Directions: For Use on Dogs- Hold the spray nozzle about 8-12 inches from pet. Start spraying the animal at the tail, making sure to spray the entire coat including the legs, tail and underbody area. With your hand, fluff the hair against the way it normally lies to ensure the the spray penetrates through the coat to the skin. For Use in Dog's Area: Treat dog bedding and other pet resting places, as these are primary hiding spots for fleas and ticks. There is no need to remove pet bedding after treatment. To reduce infestation, spray around your pet's sleeping area, baseboards, windows and door frames, wall cracks, floor areas, and other resting places until they are slightly moist. Also spray the entire inside surface of your dog's house and kennel. Do not allow your pet to enter treated areas until they are completely dry. Ingredients: Pyrethrins, Permethrin, N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicardoximide, 2(Methyl-2(4-Phenoxyphenoxy)Ethoxy) Pyridine, Other Ingredients 99.184%

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