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JW Clean Cup Bird Feed & Water Cup


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    The JW® Pet Clean Cup Feed & Water Cup is easy to attach to any bird cage. It can quickly be removed and refilled so your pet bird has a clean supply of food or water. The clear plastic hood acts as a guard that keeps debris inside the cage and doesn't block visibility so that your pet bird feels comfortable and safe placing its head inside to eat or drink. This easy-to-clean pet bird accessory fits all bird cages; including vertical and horizontal bars with a clever screw-on design. The cup is easily twisted and lifted to remove it from the holder for quick cleaning. The cup is durable and dishwasher safe. The small size is perfect for parakeets; canaries; and other small birds. The medium size is great for cockatiels; conures; lovebirds and similarly sized parrots; The large size is suitable for larger pet birds such as parrots and macaws. Ships in assorted colors: blue and green

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