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Naturally Fresh

Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick Clumping Cat Litter

Weight: 26 lb

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    Naturally Fresh has always outshined both the clay and natural litter competition in neutralizing ammonia odors, but it just made its premium walnut shell blend even better. That’s thanks to a malodor counteractant that tackles both urine and fecal smells, an ideal feature for households with multiple cat kids.

    Why We Love It

    • Is free of perfumes

    • Neutralizes both urine and fecal odors

    • Creates tight clumps fast, making scooping easier

    About Naturally Fresh

    100% Natural Walnut Shell. This biodegradable litter is made from 100% natural walnut shell. That’s as natural as it gets without turning your place into a jungle. Goodbye Odor and Hello Absorption. It stamps out odor and absorbs three times better than clay litter. That works for both of you. Refined, Virtually Dust-Free Formula. With low dust and low tracking, things stay clean while your wild child does what makes her DNA happy. Because when she's happy, you're happy.

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