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Nylabone Puppy Chew Ring Bone Chicken X-Small up to 15 lbs.

X Small up to 15 lbs.

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    As the leader in dog chew toys since 1955, Nylabone knows growing pups need to satisfy their natural urge to chew! Specifically designed for teething puppies, the Puppy Chew Ring Bone chew toy soothes gums while providing an engaging activity with delicious flavor throughout. It is made of soft material for pups who do not have any adult teeth, promoting healthy chewing habits right from the start. Plus, this USA-made chew toy for puppies features ridges and nubs that massage gums and help clean teeth. You can even freeze it to provide your furry friend even more puppy teething relief. Once your dog starts getting their adult teeth or becomes a more powerful chewer, graduate to one of Nylabone's tougher Strong Chew, Puppy Power Chew, or Power Chew toys. Nylabone chew toys are veterinarian recommended and proven to solve a variety of chewing challenges!

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