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Penn Plax

Penn-Plax Aqua-Plants Artificial Soft Silicone Sea Anemone Fish Tank and Aquarium Decor – Blue

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    This artificial anemones sway with your tank’s water, creating a charmingly realistic display of movement. It also provide a nice place for fish to hide, play, and explore! They’re safe for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. While the Silicone Sea Anemones is something to behold, its beauty and extravagance is greatly enhanced when displayed under blue light! The already vivid blue pops even more, enticing you to keep the light on! Because this aquarium ornaments will not glow on their own, you’ll need a blue aquarium light in order to get their illuminating effect. Feature a suction cup base. This allows you to place them anywhere in your tank! For a strong and secure bond, please clean the desired location beforehand, and rinse the suction cup with water. This ensures that the aquarium ornament will stay in place. This decor measures: 2.7” (D) x 2.7” (W) x 5” (H).

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