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Petmate Indigo Dog House


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    The Petmate® Indigo® Dog House is a top-of-the-line classic igloo-shaped outdoor doghouse that is a sturdy and spacious option that provides security and comfort for your dog. Featuring an extended; offset doorway that gives your pet extra protection from rain and wind. The patented dome design keeps the house stable in high winds while naturally shedding snow and other debris that could collect on the top. The insulated dog house features heavy-duty construction that keeps pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. and help keep your pet protected from outdoor elements. Rooftop ventilation allows for continual airflow. The raised floors are equipped with moats on the side that are designed to drain off moisture and keep floors dry. Made in the USA.
    Medium - 20 to 50lbs.
    Large - 50 to 90lbs.
    Extra Large - 90 to 125lbs.

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